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Pest control Montreal

People in Montreal wait with bated breath for warm summer weather. Above zero temperatures, sunshine, green grass, and dry streets all excite fun loving Montrealers who have spent months trapped inside trying to avoid the city's frigid temperatures, heavy snowfall, and blistering wind. Unfortunately, leafy green trees and barbecues also indicate the start of another, less treasured, time of year: bug season.

Every year, during the warm summer months, bugs small and large charm Montrealers with their presence. Often prolific throughout June through September, spiders, roaches, and ants infest apartment buildings and homes, burrowing into walls, spoiling food, and disrupting peoples' lives. A source of great stress and anxiety for home owners and apartment dwellers, these unwelcome guests can ruin peoples' summers and entire years, if not treated by pest control Montreal. All men and women sick of waking up with ants in their cereal or spiders under their feet need to enlist the help of Envirologique, a professional pest control Montreal company.

Envirologique realizes the gravity of infestation problems. Specializing in pest control Montreal, the company effectively removes pesky and unwanted insects from people's apartments and homes. Whether looking to rid their homes of spiders, ants, wasps, or cockroaches, Envirologique offers all home owners and renters effective, long lasting, and competitively priced pest control Montreal treatments. Renowned for their child-safe and environmentally friendly products, and techniques, this pest control Montreal company eradicates insect infestations without any extra cost to homeowners or their children.

During the summer months, Montrealers are always protecting their homes from ants. Often found infiltrating and living in older apartments and homes not yet treated by a pest control Montreal company, ants can quickly take over entire kitchens and bathrooms, burrowing in cereal boxes, rummaging through food, and lounging in sinks. It comes as no surprise that severe ant infestations can cause homeowners severe anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, ants propagate and create colonies, plaguing homeowners for years to come if not treated by professional pest control Montreal companies. Luckily, Envirologique offers excellent pest control Montreal ant treatments.

Envirologique's ant treatment is a two-step process. Treating both the inside and outside of homes, this pest control Montreal company kills existing ants and prevents new infestations. Envirologique places ant baits under dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators, far out of the reach of pets and children, to effectively kill the queen ant. Afterwards, the pest control Montreal company applies the insecticide permethrine (derived from the Chrysanthemum flower) to baseboards, around all ceiling-wall junctions, and along all sides of doors and windows. On the outside of homes, Envirologique places their pest control Montreal insecticide under cornices and around windows and doors to prevent re-infestations. Covering hot-spots throughout the inside and outside of the house, this pest control Montreal company thoroughly treats entire homes to eradicate nasty ant infestations.

Please visit the Envirologique website to find out more about their pest control Montreal services.

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